Here are some of the basic service items:


not quite broken down like this but if you haven't had an overhaul your bike needs it.

Tune Up: Clean and Lube Chain, Lube Cables, Adjust Brakes, Adjust Derailleurs, Adjust Headset,  Adjust Wheel Bearings, wheel true: $75

Performance Tune-up- 105,includes drive train clean with parts washer

Wheel True: One Wheel: 15

Two Wheels: 25

Tube and install: 10-15

Hub Overhaul Replace bearings - Parts not included: 40

Complete Overhaul Remove all components from bike and clean.  Service entire bike: 180

Crank Removal / Install: 30

Cassette Install Remove and re-install free hub cassettes.  Also applies for *most* freewheels and fixed cogs. 8

Spoke Replacement $3 per spoke plus truing and any other labor (Tires, Cassettes, Rim Tape) 18+

Steel Frame modifications: I am able to complete modifications to steel bicycles such as add/remove cable stops, bosses and cantilevers. Please check with Vincent to determine, prices, current workload and wait time. $80 per hour

*shop labor per hour is $85