Update: I have taken a break from customer builds with the increase of business and have referred all the custom builds to Julie Pedalino who also builds in the shop. 

Please connect with us about your questions. 



Why a custom frame?  

Custom  frames are made for you and you only. There is not another like it. This not a machine made bicycle; it's me, the tubes, silver, OA, files, a jig and most importantly time. 40+hrs as a matter of fact.

As a custom frame builder I craft and hand file every notch and cut.

Whether it's a silver lugged frame or brass fillet brazed frame I make each bicycle with care, skill and craftsmanship.

Come in and see my latest projects.  


  • Anvil Journeyman Jig
  • Alex Meade Tools
  • Nicholson Files
  • Bohemian Tube Blocks
  • Wilton Vise
  • Cycle Designs flux and rod
  • 56 Silver
  • BikeCad Pro
  • OA- Starflame C