I can feel it! Almost there...

Well Spring is almost here officially. It seems that people are ready to come see about the store, drink coffee and ride bikes. 

I am excited for our first full spring season in the shop, it's shaping up to be really busy.

My bike is almost done, now I guess I need to train for the DK ( what was I thinking?!).

We have picked up Vassago and soon Fyxation bicycles. These brands add more variety and choices for you and for us too. When we order these bikes we also get a chance to help you build that special build. I call this store a candy store for bikes for a reason!

More coffees are coming soon too. We have made some fantastic relationships in the coffee side of the business and I expect to share more great coffee varieties soon.

Things are picking up!

If you have yet to stop in, what are you waiting for?!!!!