Frostbike recap

Wow what a trip! I traveled Thursday to get to MN and I knew it was going to snow but not blizzard. Me and the little Honda Civic have officially made it through 3 blizzards and this was possible the worst. I made it to MN by not stopping and keep moving at a steady pace. 

Minneapolis was really cold and of course the roads were horrible with the blizzard. I managed to meet my green coffee distributor, tour a couple of coffeehouses and visit some bike shops.

Minneapolis is a great town for both coffee and bikes. AngryCatfish was cool too. Coffee and bikes are always a great combo. 

Frostbike was done really well. My first stop was with All City and their product designers. Cool people making cooler bikes! I was able to have some deeper conversations about frame construction and materials. I learned a couple things I didn't know about AC.

Surly of course was the hotness. The Ice Cream Truck is quite nice. The paint job is killer and the new features make this the fat bike for 2014. I'll share more news about when they arrive in August. 

We picked up 45NRTH too. This means new "stuff" people have been asking for. I'm excited for this relationship. They have cool stuff to help us maintain the fat bike growth we are seeing here  at the shop.

The weekend went quickly with so much happening. I'm glad to be back home! 

Check out the Frostbike gallery coming soon.