I'm thankful for my car.

Now calm down already!  Let me explain.

This was not the job that brought me to Kansas City from Connecticut.  As such I didn't plan to commute to Lenexa from midtown and so I drive each day.  I keep meaning to ride my bike but I haven't gotten around to it yet and I'm not as bold and brave as some (ok, many).  So in the meantime I'm thankful my car.  You should be thankful for yours too.  Cars are an incredible luxury and often we take them for granted, curse them, curse those faceless drivers who pilot them, cut us off, force us to slow down unexpectedly on the freeway, etc.  But let's be thankful that our cars can take us and our bikes where we want to go.  To our favorite trail-head, to pick up lumber for amazing new trail features, to pick up a stranded friend or loved one who forgot a spare tube on their ride or friends who got rained out of a bike tour.

I hope to live somewhere someday where I can ditch my car and live that much more simply, but in the meantime I'm thankful I have a vehicle, many days a carpool buddy, and a hot cup of coffee when I get to work.

May you not forget to be grateful for the simplest of pleasures and overlooked luxuries in your daily lives, friends!

- Tim