What surprises me in some way is how many people are sharing their favorite bicycle stories. Typically it's a story of steel bicycles. We all remember "those" days of riding your first true love ( of a bicycle). Thanks everyone for sharing and if you have a special piece you want us to see bring it in. 

By the way we have a really unique piece of history in house. It's a mahogany bicycle built in the early 80's as a template for modern carbon frames. David can tell you the specifics but you have to see it to really understand the significance. 

Sally and her daughter came in yesterday to get a bike she had been researching for a while. As the only Linus dealer in KC we were able to listen to her needs and fit her into a bike that really met her needs. She loves it! Congratulations Sally on your new bicycle!  

4th of July we will be open until 1pm. Come on in if you are coming for the 5K or the parade. We will be handing out flyers for our Tune Up.

Thanks everyone and be safe!