Yoga +

Hi everyone I am excited to share that we have more classes for you to choose from. 

I have partnered with another fantastic yoga instructor Annamarie to bring you a variety of classes during the week. Together with Sedona and Annamarie, they are offering more classes for you to join. As we grow more classes on weekends will open up as well, but for now these are our new class offerings.

Starting next week 12/15.

The class schedules are as follows:

Monday : 8am-9:30am Beginner's Class with Annamarie

Tuesday 8am- 9:30 am Yoga for Cyclist with Sedona

Thursday 8am- 9:30am Keep it Fresh with Annamarie

Friday 8am-9:30am Yin with Sedona

Sunday 10am-11:30am Vinyasa Flow with Sedona

Stay tuned for more info and plans for Yoga + Studio