Thank you!

Well what can I say, we had over 60+ people come to the party, we tapped one keg and had to get another, we raffled off a State bike, a Brooks saddle and more importantly we had alot of fun at a bike shop!

Thanks goes out the everyone who made this possible. David, Tim, Crazy Eye Brewing, Jessie, BikeWalkKC and many others that helped to make this party happen.

Congratulations to Matt, Jana and the others who won the awesome raffle prizes.

Since there was so much interest in the State Bicycles I am putting them on sale!

Contender was $619 now $550

Zombie Stomper $519 now $420 hehe

Standard State Bicycles $429 now $360

The Domingo is $300

All these prices are good until Christmas.

Lastly thanks for everyone who brought canned goods for Harvesters, it's ready to go out!