Busy weekend

This last weekend we were busy!  

I attended First Friday with LocalStart.org to show off my custom bicycles. It was hot and windy. I made some great connections and got to ride my bike around the block for a while. It was fun, but the weather got crazy quick so I had to bail earlier than I wanted to. 

Saturday morning we brewed coffee for the Tweed Ride and donated lots o' goodies from Velo Orange and a overhauled Schwinn bike that Tika won! It was cool to see everyone dressed up for the ride and having fun. 

Sunday morning we had an awesome yoga class with Sedona. We started slow then progressed to the point that I was sweating like crazy and had to take a break. My bicycle body was not prepared for some of those poses. Although relatively simple poses it had been a long time since I had done yoga. Remember next week is a free class too! 

I made a fix for Brad's Karate Monkey. The seat-post had a small crack that I made a fix for. Basically its a metal band aid to prevent the cracking from progressing and so that he can continue to ride it. 

Lastly Chiefs won again!  

Come see us this week. We have a basic maintenance class and more classes for the next couple of weeks.

See you soon!

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