End of season sale!

Yup that's right we are having a sale. The new 2015 bikes are coming soon and we need to move our older bikes and get them on the roads!

2 packages of Maps Coffee with any purchase! 

Masi- All Masi bikes are 20% off 

  • Bellisima 49,53 $959 
  • Alare 56,58 $959 
  • Partenza 58 $849
  • *Inizio 56cm $749
  • *Vincere 56cm $1160

Kona-priced as marked

  • Dew Deluxe 46cm $799 now $600
  • Wo 19" $1700 now $1400 
  • Mohala 16" $1200 now $1000

Linus- priced as marked

  • Scout $545 now $475
  • Roadster Classic $459 now $375

Haro- Flightline 29'er $530 now $450

Surly- see sales prices in store

  • Disc Trucker 54cm $1500 now....
  • Disc Trucker 56cm $1500

See you soon!





20 years with coffee

Today marks my 20th year in the coffee industry. On this day 20 yrs ago I sat in a classroom in Seattle, in the old roasting plant off of Airport Way South, learning about coffee. I was so excited and eager to learn. The four fundamentals!

Today I am in my shop drinking a wonderful coffee that is Ethiopia Harrar looking at our new roaster and wondering what the future has in store for us. 

When I left my other coffee job I knew that my calling was to start my own coffee company and share in the joy of great coffees and bicycles.  Roasting coffee is a science and philosophy. 

My philosophy is to create great coffees everyone can drink and enjoy, simple.

Cheers friends!


Maps Coffee Roasters


Let's Celebrate! 4th of July Sale!

We are having a sale to celebrate the nations' birthday!

Come in for a great deal, coffee and a ride!

Now through Sunday.

Here's the breakdown for the sale prices.

30% off includes:

All t-shirts

All Jerseys- Twin Six, Danny Shane and Road Holland


Filson luggage and accessories

Made in the USA, made to last a lifetime.

Made in the USA, made to last a lifetime.

Boreas gear

Nice gear and now for a better price!

Nice gear and now for a better price!

Lazer Cityzen helmets

20% off includes:

Shinola Bicycles 

Made in the USA bicycles!

Made in the USA bicycles!

State Bicycles

Only 3 left in the shop!

Only 3 left in the shop!

Dirty Kanza recap

Team Velo + raced our first event yesterday at the Dirty Kanza 200. Emporia hosted over 1270  riders for the DK. 

The team started strong and as with any race some of us found some bad luck and bad timing. 

We had a busted derailleur, a blown out BB, one flat that I know of- mine and other problems that frankly just happens on a race like this.

Overall we did great! Kurt killed it and place in the top 112 overall. This was Kurt's first DK!

Deffer finished his first DK in 17:10. 

Joshua, Drew, Paul and myself completed the 110 Half Pint in a span of 9:30 to 12:12. 

All I can say is the this race was the hardest most difficult thing I have ever done, period.

At mile 70 my body was done, I had food and water but I was done. From here on out it was 10 miles at a time. At mile 90 I took a nap, ate then drank then on to 100. My breaks were more frequent and needed. 

At mile 103 I pulled over and took a quick break, when I got on the bike I had flat. At that moment I was done for good. I had no energy to fix a flat or to continue. With 7 miles to go I texted Maria for a pick up. 

As I rested in the shade and grass a guy came by and said " finish strong man!" Uggh, damn it! I texted Maria again and told her I was going to try to finish.

So I fixed my flat and got back on the bike. 

I didn't have a cue sheet so I waited for the next person to tag along with. John was a god send. He was in worse shape than I was and we worked together to pedal slowly taking many breaks and finally crossing the finish line together. Thanks John for the conversation and the buddy system to get us there.

My time was 12:12 I think, someone handed me a mug and many people were cheering so forgot the official time. Either way I was glad to be done.

Many thanks goes to Team Velo + for making this possible, David, Tim and the others tagging along providing support, the race team and lastly both Greg and Julie for covering the store.

A special thanks goes to Richard Pool. He had this crazy idea to ride the DK last year and asked if I wanted to do it. I said yes and then it blossomed to a team with race support and many people involved, thanks bro.

This was a race to remember and I look forward to next year! 

Who's with us?





Friday 5/30 closing early: DK Race prep and travel

We will close the shop at 4pm tomorrow. 

The entire team will be at the race on Saturday and we need to close early tomorrow to get to Emporia in time to register and attend a mandatory meeting.

All service work not picked up by 4pm will push to Saturday.

Fresh Greg and Chill Julie will be here on Saturday!

Thanks for understanding and wish Team Velo + luck on the race!